Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Among (Un)Equals

Among the many things for which I shall never be mistaken is a good human being.  Worry not.  A lifetime ago I stopped ingesting my body weight in liquor so that I could rise from piss-poor all the way to "barely passably mediocre".  Once I reached this plateau (using that term advisedly of course), I realized that I had gone as far as I was going to go.  I reckon another thing I shall never be mistaken for is an overachiever. 

In spite of myself, I have done better than I had any right to do in any number of significant ways - such as mother, siblings, wife, children, friends and dog (the cats are both shifty little fucks so I think we are on or about the same level).  Among those who I have been fortunate to call my friend for a really long time - a testament to our respective ages and her endless reservoir of patience I suppose - is celebrating a birthday today.  I hope she and her whole crew have one hellaciously fine day.  There are scant few people I have ever encountered in my life who are more deserving of good stuff than she is. 

It occurs to me that while it is dangerous to paint a portrait of person from just one glimpse, if you were to look no further than just right here - - you would possess sufficient information on which to make an informed, intelligent decision regarding this particular person. 

Happy Birthday Mrs. Molee.  Enjoy the day - and all the ones thereafter. 


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