Sunday, March 23, 2014

At Long Last....

Easy come, easy go I reckon.  I had hoped that my Buffs might make it past their first game in this year's NCAA tournament.  They did not even make it to the first TV timeout at the "under 16 minute" mark in the first half.  Come out flat and you get pancaked.  Kudos to the Pitt Panthers who parlayed a 13-0 start into a 77-49 beatdown of the Buffs.  As the youngest son of a lifelong - both her's and the team's - Brooklyn Dodgers fan and being myself a lifelong New York Ranger Fan, I am well-versed in the mantra, "Wait 'Til Next Year!"  I shall indeed. 

Do you suppose Warren Buffett got to be as rich as he is by betting on college basketball?  Not likely.  Methinks that at some point AFTER Harvard upset Cincy and Dayton upset Ohio State and North Dakota State upset Oklahoma and Mercer upset Duke in first-round action this past Thursday and Friday, everyone who filled out a bracket in his Billion-Dollar Bracket Challenge arrived at the very same conclusion.  Luck is nice.  Smarts is better.  

Better still?  How about the fact that while Major League Baseball will open its regular season in earnest on this continent next Sunday night when the Dodgers - who Mom refuses to acknowledge since the "Abandonment of Brooklyn" almost six decades ago - travel to San Diego to play the Padres, those two teams played the first two games of their opening three-game set Australia.  For those of us in the Eastern Time Zone it was some different sort of day/night doubleheader.  First pitch for the opener was at 4:00 AM while game two was at 10:00 PM.  Opening Day Down Under.  

I suppose having the regular season open in an international setting makes a fair amount of sense from a marketing perspective.  At least the Dodgers and the Padres are long-time rivals - at least  kind of, sort of anyway.  The Yankees open the 2014 campaign on Rob's birthday against the same historic rival against whom they closed out the 2013 season - the Houston Astros.  If one presumes that the Astros will draw about 500,000 fans to their games this season, then one can further presume that about 20% of those folks will pass through the turnstiles during their first three home games.  Nothing says tradition like Yankees vs. 'Stros.  

Truth be told, I am certain that there are at least 1,000,000 other things that say "tradition" better than Yankees vs. 'Stros.  Who cares?  It is baseball.  It is Opening Day.  And from this point on the space-time continuum it is but one week away.  

Put me in Coach.  Put us all in....


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