Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Day Fit For A Fringe-Topped Surrey

On the heels of a winter that for all intents and purposes commenced when Sandy roared ashore on October 29, 2012, here in the State of Concrete Gardens we were due for a break this winter.  Mother Nature - having kicked our balls through the roof of our mouth with such enthusiasm last year - owed us one. 

We of course did not get it.  Instead we got what most of North America - north of Juarez anyway - got, which was an introduction to a winter so cold that the phrase "polar vortex" was added to the lexicon.  A winter in which on the few occasions where the Mercury veered north of sphincter-tightening cold our reward was snow, snow and more snow.  We received so much snow this winter that come Christmas the first time I hear some asshole piping "Let It Snow" through his store's Muzak system I shall punch him in the larynx. 

Vern L. Equinox is not scheduled to arrive for another couple of weeks.  Forgive those of us in these parts though if it seemed to us as if it arrived yesterday.  Even if just for a little while.  It was simply glorious.  For a day at least, Mother Nature shrugged off her winter coat.  While experience teaches me that it is more likely than not that she will take at least one more shot at us between now and Spring's official arrival in a bit less than two weeks, that did not lessen my enjoyment of yesterday even a little bit. 

Yesterday was the first day in this calendar year that I was able to run outside through the streets of my little town without a hat or gloves.  Happiness is being able to run in a pair of shorts and a nice short-sleeved shirt in these parts in March.  Yesterday was a happy day.  And not just for me either.  As I ran through town I ran past countless other people who were out and about enjoying their day too.  Kids were bicycling and playing basketball.  Young mothers were pushing babies in strollers.  I ran past a lot of smiling faces.  It was nice to see. 

He who hesitates is lost.  In these parts, given how hard this winter has been, no one was waiting for Spring's official arrival to get out and enjoy the Spring-like weather.  Patience is indeed a virtue.  But every now and again it pales in comparison to getting a jump on something. 

Yesterday was indeed one of those days.


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