Friday, February 28, 2014

True Grit

One of the things I have learned in close to six years of doing this everyday is that try as I might I cannot silence the screaming voices in my head all of the time.  More importantly though I have learned that there are literally countless people out there on this planet doing things that are truly remarkable.  They are everywhere.  And they come in all shapes and sizes.

Shortly before Christmas 2013, I was introduced courtesy of a story on the CBS Evening News to an extraordinary little old woman named Clara Gantt.  Her husband, Joe, had been declared missing in action and presumed killed in action in the Korean War sixty-one years-plus ago.  For almost all of that time she had never given up hope of him returning home to her.  Home to their little house in southern California. 

Joseph Gantt's remains were finally identified in the Fall of 2013.  When he arrived home - at LAX - in the early morning hours of December 20, 2013, his Clara was there to greet him.  There was no impassioned embrace, of course, as he stepped down from the plane and onto the tarmac.  There was just a flag-draped coffin and a tiny woman - in her mid-90's - rising up out of her wheelchair to welcome her long-overdue husband home. 

An extraordinary woman and a truly extraordinary story.  A story of true love.  A story of true grit. 

The story of Clara Gantt....


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