Monday, February 24, 2014

The Thundering Sound of Footsteps

Running is an activity that I presently pursue with some vigor.  It is an activity that I wish - for any number of reasons - I had taken up in earnest far sooner than I did, which was slightly less than five years ago.  One of the reasons why I wish I had allowed the running bug to bite me earlier than it did is that had it done so I would have participated in significantly more Tunnel to Towers runs than the four that I have completed to date.

Tunnel to Towers Sunday is the final Sunday in September in New York City.  The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel is closed to vehicle traffic so that thousands of runners and walkers can use it to cross from Brooklyn into Lower Manhattan.  It is an homage to the courage of FDNY member Steven Siller, his 342 brothers-in-arms, all of the members of the NYPD and the PAPD and the "civilians" who were murdered at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.  It is a labor of love of the Siller Family.  An extraordinary group of human beings to be sure.  They have transformed something of abject horror - the murder of a loved one - into something beyond spectacular in creating a foundation that does simply amazing things. 

Each year, Tunnel to Towers Sunday is memorable in its own unique way.  In 2012 one of the things that made it so for me was meeting a gentleman named Chris Fay.  Here is a little bit of his story and a glimpse into the day that was Tunnel to Towers Sunday 2012....


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