Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Last In The Series....

Good character is not formed in a week or a month.
It is created, little by little, day by day.
Protracted and patient effort is needed to develop
Good character.
- Heraclitus

Today is "Mixed Emotion Thursday" at the Firm.  One of the genuinely good souls who roams our hallways is bidding us a well-earned farewell at day's end.  June is more than a member of the WL family.  She is an institution at our institution.  A human being of such unbelievable quality of character that one suspects she might have served as Rockwell's muse in his quest to capture the goodness of America. 

In a manner evoking comparisons that are flattering to them more than to her, June is waking up the echoes of Michael Jordan, Sugar Ray Leonard and Jay Leno - to name a few - in this, her latest retirement.  She had hung up her impressive set of legal secretarial skills several years ago but had told the Firm on her way out the door, "If you ever need me for anything, do not hesistate to call."  We did.  And although she had eased into full-time doting Grandma mode, she answered. 

I take her at her word when she says that this time around retirement means forever.  She and her husband Jerry certainly have more than enough to keep themselves fully and pleasantly engaged with their two sons and the small cadre of remarkably impressive grandchildren over which they presently preside.  Her ride into the sunset is one that is most assuredly well-earned.  When she exits the premises today, we shall spend far more time and energy addressing how to address her absence from our day-to-day then she shall concerning herself how to address our absence from hers. 

Wherever her life's journey takes her, I hope that it is a smooth one.  And an immensely enjoyable one.  She deserves nothing less. 

Fare thee well June. 

Adh mor ort....


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