Thursday, February 27, 2014

Proof That Not All Men Are Created Equal

One of my favorite people on the planet (talk about a contest no one in their right mind voluntarily enters let alone tries very hard to win, right?) is Dave Lackland.  I had the great pleasure of befriending him when we were both much younger men, back in our "W-H" days.  We have fallen out of touch for decades.  Thankfully, the evil invention that is social media permitted us to reconnect. 

Dave on his worst day is ten times a better man than I am on my best day.  He even emits more than a little bit of a Dr. Doolittle vibe for his ability to interact with - and his great love for - all creatures great and small. 

A few years back, I wrote about Dave and his extraordinary friend Carl and what the former did to save the life of the latter after one or more of the human persuasion attempted to extinguish Carl - he of the iguana persuasion.  Ultimately, the tale of Dave and Carl did not have a happy ending.  Roughly a year and a half after I wrote the piece that is linked to below, the same asshole humans who had tried to exterminate Carl in 2011 tried again.  Sadly, this time they succeeded. 

Their malfeasance not only does nothing to take away from what a remarkable man my friend Dave Lackland is, it actually reinforces the point quite well.  It serves to remind us - well me at least - that as long as the world contains humans like Dave - we will have what we need to keep the assholes at bay....


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Iguana Dave said...

Thank you Adam, you are an amazing person, and I am proud to call you my friend.

They came back a few weeks ago and killed about a dozen individuals.

It has been so sad for me to re-visit, and/or add to the blog, with the continual slaughtering.

I am however nurturing a whole new group of youngsters that have been smart, (or lucky) enough to perch/sleep right on my property,...they will not be harmed.

This has moved me to share, I will add to the blog soon,...thank you!!!