Saturday, February 1, 2014

Of Renewals and Rabbit Hops

Did you remember to jump off the foot of your bed this morning and to do so while saying, "Rabbit, Rabbit"? Me neither.  I have never done that once in my entire life.  Not even one time.  I have a very distinct memory of one or more of the girls in my class in W-H mentioning on one occasion that doing so on the first day of a given month was supposed to be a harbinger of good luck.  In other words, my failure to do the monthly bunny hop just might explain a lot.  A whole hell of a lot in fact.

I commence my second consecutive "run every day" month today.  February should prove easier than January - and not simply because there shall be three less days in my "every day" but because I shall spend one quarter's worth of February in the warm climes of the Bahamas.  Running does my heart good.  Running in garb reserved for July in the middle of winter does my heart really, really good. 

At the risk of incurring a labral tear while engaging in self-congratulatory behavior, I have emerged from January with a feeling of accomplishment.  I am a relative newcomer to the whole running bit - having only taken it up in earnest approximately four and one half years ago.  I had never run daily for an entire month until I did it in January 2014.  It was nice to set a goal and thereafter do what was necessary to attain it.  But for three days in mid-December where my battle against Winter's first cold made it impossible for me to breathe without significant discomfort I have run at least three miles daily since Thanksgiving.  I am amazed by how good my legs feel.  Better said, I am stunned by the utter absence of discomfort or pain in my legs.  It is as if the more I use them, the better they feel.  As do I. 

Here is to hoping that the era of good feeling continues unabated.  February is a short month but the journey to April's final Sunday and the New Jersey Marathon remains a fairly long one.  The heaviest part of the training, in fact, begins now.  

As do I.  Anew.  Once more....


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