Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lost Between Tomorrow And Yesterday

Here at last!  Here at last!  The day that all Americans (OK, "most" Americans....OK, "some" Americans....OK, me - and I am an American) look forward to more than any other has arrived.  


Today, a day so steeped in inane tradition as to be utterly fucking ridiculous and to serve as a rather biting social commentary on the residents of a certain hamlet in rural Pennsylvania is - as fate might have it - saved from perpetual embarrassment by one simple, indisputable fact.  It is the basis for one of the best, all-time films ever made. 

The only downside to the film is that it is the final collective work of Harold Ramis and Bill Murray.  Once upon a lifetime ago I used to root very hard for the two of them burying whatever hatchet needs to be buried, resuming their friendship and going back to entertaining all of us.  At some point I realized that was as likely to happen as the Vatican paying attention to my formal Demand for a Recount of the most recent Papacy Election to ensure that my brother Kelly did not get screwed over in favor of Pope Frankie.  

Today - in recognition of the fact that it is indeed Groundhog Day you should treat yourself to at least one viewing of Ramis and Murray's last masterpiece.  In fact, considering the Super Bowl does not begin until after 6:30 Eastern time you should have time enough to enjoy at least two showings of the film.  If you are conflicted over having to turn your attention to the game once it starts, let me do you the great favor of saving you four-plus hours of your life by showing you the best part of the game.  Right here.  Right now. 

Ready?  Here we go....

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, feel free to crank up the DVD player and spend this day as the Good Lord intended.... the company of Pittsburgh's favorite meteorologist.

Enjoy this special day everybody.   Enjoy the Super Bowl too.


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