Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hearts and Strings

The death of my mother-in-law, Suzanne Bozzomo, was as cataclysmic an event as any to which I have ever borne witness.  Margaret's mom was very much the emotional center of the Bozzomo family and her passing, at the end of a five-plus year epic struggle against the insidious cancer that ate her alive was both inspiring and heartwrenching.  

I despise things over which I have no control and even more so those things that I cannot fix.  I could not do anything to fix what happened in the very early hours of the morning on June 2, 2009.   Not a single goddamn thing.

My anger and my frustration over not being able to fix this for Margaret and my own sense of loss conspired to produce this, which I wrote hours after her death and hours before I had to drive to Newark Airport to pick up my son - who flew home from Wyoming for the very sad business of burying his Nona....


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