Thursday, February 6, 2014

Getting Stronger By The Minute

But spring'll soon be here oh,
But I hope it's not late....
-Phil Collins

Spring may not in fact be just around the corner but with Super Bowl Sunday firmly in the rear-view mirror and the NHL taking a semi-long winter's nap tied to its players taking part in the Olympics in Sochi, a young man's attention (or in the case of Yours truly a not-so-young man) turns to baseball.  

While I have no rooting interest in the Arizona Diamondbacks and am uncertain whether I could name a single member of their roster who is either a pitcher or a catcher, I am excited that today is the report date for all D-Backs pitchers and catchers at their spring training facility.  Thus begins the great ingress.  Between today and one week from Sunday, which is the 16th of February, pitchers and catchers for each and every MLB team will report to their team's spring training facility.  The 2014 season will be underway.  I am well aware that the regular season's start remains several weeks off in the distance.  But from the time the camps open and spring training starts, the baseball locomotive begins gathering steam, picking up speed and roaring towards Opening Day.    

Ah, spring will indeed soon be here.  Worry not, Phil.  In my lifetime of being a baseball fan, it has never, ever been too late.  Not once.  Not ever.


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