Monday, February 17, 2014

Biting The Big Apple

For any and all celebrating Presidents' Day with a day off from school or work, enjoy your day.  On behalf of those of us who are working today, may I say thank you to all of you who have stayed home or done something other than commute to work today.  Your gift to us is an easier commute for which I thank you. 

It is my understanding - based upon nothing more scientific than having overheard a conversation between two women at the office (each of whom has at least one child currently enrolled in public school here in the State of Concrete Gardens) that this week all of the public schools in New Jersey are closed - scheduled holiday.  Respectfully, given the number of days that each district Statewide has already lost to Mother Nature, I would have hoped that something might have been done regarding this week's scheduled vacation, such as cancelling it and/or shortening it by several days, to help ensure that teachers and students are not keeping each other company into July.  The public schools in this state are required to have 180 school days annually.  In view of the beating they have taken thus far in February - with ten-plus days still on the docket - I wonder how close they are coming to have to extend school years all over New Jersey and just how deep into June they shall have to go. 

I suppose it could be worse for public school students, parents and teachers than enduring this horrific Jersey winter.  They could be attempting to endure it on the other side of the Hudson River.  As the great American philosopher Lawrence Peter Berra once rather famously observed, it is starting to get late early for New York City's brand new mayor, Bill De Blasio.  In less than two months on the job, Hizzoner has consistently emitted a "This Job Is Beyond My Ability To Comprehend" vibe.  His decision last Thursday to keep New York City public schools open - in the face of a storm that might actually have been worse than the dire forecast we had all heard the night before - was asinine.  Especially because he ordered children to school while simultaneously ordering that non-emergency vehicles be kept off of City streets and doubly so because approximately two hours after he reiterated his "we shall be open" mantra, he changed his tune and closed the schools down.  

In view of the marriage between today's calendar item and Mayor Dumb Assio's latest blunder, it should give all of us who live outside of the geographical boundaries of New York City great comfort to know that it has been more than one hundred years since a person who has been elected Mayor of New York City has ever been elected to another, higher office.  It has proven not to be a springboard to any higher political perch.  For the next three years and ten-plus months, he shall be the Big Apple's problem.  If history is any guide, then he shall never, ever be ours.

New York has already given us the great gift of Martin Van Buren after all.  How much of its generosity can the rest of us really afford? 

Besides, I do not know about you but I know that I do not have the mental storage capacity to learn yet another secret sign....


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