Friday, January 31, 2014

Younger Than The Wind & Sun

We were born before the Wind
Also younger than the Sun
-Van Morrison

The year whose arrival was breathlessly heralded only a moment or two ago is already one-twelfth of the way towards extinction.  Where did the time go? 

Stupid question of course.  Not surprising, however, considering the source.  Time went where it always goes - flying right past us.  As children, all of us on at least one occasion muttered the words "I cannot wait until I grow up".  Upon arriving at our destination we realized that the grass really was not greener on this side of the fence.  In some cases, it turned out not to be grass at all.  And we discovered much to our chagrin just how much it hurts when one falls on green-painted concrete.

Were there things that you resolved to do as 2013 ceded the spotlight to 2014?  Perhaps as January takes its final bow the time is ripe for you to assess where you are with regard to those resolutions.  As time marches on inexorably, it can become tougher and tougher to remain resolute. 

I have said it before and I find that it is - for me at least - a lesson that it is worthwhile to always be mindful of:  Life is a forward-moving exercise.  No WABAC Machine.  No Mulligan.  No DeLorean.  No Doc Brown.  There is nothing at all wrong, however, with glancing over one's shoulder every now and again, and looking back at the path traveled.  One should work hard to remember the journey that has brought you to that particular point on the horizon line.   

Time waits for no one.  And that is how it should be.  It advances as we advance, reminding us to accept the challenge every day to not stagnate but instead to grow, to frighten ourselves (at least a little) and to live our Life.  We get only one.  When it is over, it is over.  As my great grandpa Phineas used to wish he always said, "Life is a ride of indeterminate length.  Since you do not know how long it will last, you owe it to yourself to enjoy the trip as much as you can.

....And I want to rock your gypsy soul
Just like way back in the Days of Old
And magnificently we will flow into the Mystic.
-Van Morrison


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