Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Shampoo Principle

I cannot take credit for the "bon mots" above.  I would hope that the grammatical error alone would serve as proof of my non-authorship.  In the event it does not, I wanted to issue a direct denial of ownership.  I am from Jersey.  We know how to issue a denial 'round here.  Random thought of the day:  If Wildstein and Baroni had been around in the late 1960's, then Chappaquiddick might never have happened.  

But I digress.

A woman who I know from high school - and likely have not seen since then - is a regular reader of this space and a person whose input on what appears here I look forward to receiving and appreciate very much.   Michelle is a person whose positive, no-bullshit attitude permeates everything she writes and I would wager everything she does in her day-to-day.  The other day she posted something online on which I commented and subsequent to my doing so one of her friends did likewise.  Upon reading what her friend wrote, I almost immediately felt badly for the woman.  Not because her tone was one of self-pity or of a person feeling sorry for herself.  Rather because it was one of despair. 

I firmly believe that the most wasteful emotion for us humans is panic.  Panic freezes you.  It robs you of your ability to think, to act and to function.  It makes you unnecessarily vulnerable. 

Close on the heels of panic - from my admittedly limited perspective - as a wasteful, destructive emotion is despair.  Much as in my mind fear and panic are not interchangeable concepts neither are sadness and despair.  Sadness happens.  You work through it.  You continue to function.  You continue to think.  Despair, on the other hand, is paralyzing.  It is overwhelming. 

But only if you allow it to be. 

Here is the thing - is this is not some talking point off of an "Up With People" VHS tape or some such bullshit:  it takes no more effort to attack your day-to-day with a positive attitude than it does to skulk through it with a negative attitude.  Among the many things the human race will never run out of are assholes.  Stop stressing over them and - when necessary - start running over them.  More to the point:  disregard them and do what you must to blunt - if not eliminate altogether - their negative impact upon you.  Think of it as "The Shampoo Principle":  Win the day.  Rest in preparation for tomorrow.  Then repeat. 

No one's mind should have a "For Lease or Rent" sign affixed anywhere within it.  It is yours.  It belongs to you.  It is your single greatest asset.  It is your single greatest resource.  Do not allow another to take up residency in it.  If you have done so already, then kick that asshole out.  Allow him or her or (if you are really accommodating) them to relocate to their own space - inside of their own head.  

We have to take the good fight to the world every day because it sure as f*ck is going to take it to us.  The great American runner Jim Ryun once observed that, "Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going."  We the humans are animals.  Animals are creatures of habit.  Lock on to the right habit and it will carry you a long way.  It will serve you well.  

Remember, you have fangs.  Do not be afraid to bare them as needed.  It will ensure that no one mistakes you for a sheep.  


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