Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pulling Down Winter's Hazy Shade

If you doubt at all the importance of Einstein's Theory of Relativity in your day-to-day, then consider this:  three weeks ago the New York metropolitan area received a fairly sizable dose of winter weather.  Coming as it did right in the middle of December, the general consensus was that the snow, et al. helped create a "Christmas" vibe.  Fast forward to the most recent visit we have received from Mother Nature, which has made getting around a real pain in the ass. 

Listen really, really closely to the reactions of your friends, neighbors and co-workers to this latest storm.  Conspicuous by its absence from the description many (if not all) of them use to describe it and the way in which they are being forced to muddle through it will be language suitable for captioning a Norman Rockwell painting.  In December in these parts, snowstorms are "seasonal".  In January, they are simply pains in the ass.  Relativity I tell you.  Relativity.

The final week of February Joe, the Missus and I shall be luxuriating on the beach in the Bahamas.  I make no apology for rubbing the skin on my index finger raw in a vain attempt to speed-dial my way from now to then.   

Feel free to do likewise....


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