Thursday, January 30, 2014

'Cause My Life Just Wouldn't Have Been The Same....

On this day, in a time zone kind of, sort of far away, the Texas Tornado celebrates her birthday.  It is a milestone event for her - at least from my perspective - in that it is her first birthday as a "Missus".  Much has gone on in the life and world of Suzanne in the past twelve months.  I hope that in spite of all that has gone on she has had the opportunity every now and again to sit back for a moment or two and take it all in.  I hope she has had a chance to smile thinking of all she has accomplished and of all that lies ahead for her and for Ryan.  I have.  And I intend to continue doing so.  Nice thing about being a Dad.  It is a gig that comes with smile privileges. 

Margaret is the great miracle of my life - the high-topper branch on the tree that I had no business aspiring to reach and even less actually grasping.  But I did.  And once I did I had enough sense to realize my good fortune and do all I could to act upon it.  When I fell in love with Margaret I received in the bargain, of course, Suzanne and Rob.  During the two-plus decades that each has been a part of my life I have tried to serve as sort of a Life Guide - sharing with little to no embarrassment the litany of less than bright things I have done on my journey to date.  I have done so while thanking whoever or whatever it is that you folks who believe in such things thank for the fact that their journey will not be compromised by my DNA.  

A million little moments make up the tapestry of each of our lives.  Every now and again, one of those moments arises in our day-to-day that reminds us that in spite of ourselves perhaps the life that we lead is turning out pretty damn well.   Slightly more than four months ago, Suzanne provided me with just such a moment.  

She has chosen wisely, my daughter has, the partner who shall accompany her on the rest of their Life's adventures.  A smart man once observed, "You need a good companion for this part of the ride", which advice she was astute enough to take to heart.  On a day when I need a moment to reflect on the better parts of Life I spend a minute or two looking at the two of them, hand in hand, taking the first few steps of a lifetime's worth of steps as one.  It is more than enough to make this old man smile.  

Happy Birthday honey.  I love you very much.  Many thanks for that moment....

....and for this one too.



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