Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A World in White Gets Underway

And so we're told this is the golden age
And gold is the reason for the wars we wage
Though I want to be with you
Be with you night and day
Nothing changes
On New Year's Day
On New Year's Day....

If you were able to open your eyes this morning and breathe in the world around you, then congratulations are in order.  You have lived to see the dawning of a brand new year.  Happy 2014!  Welcome aboard. 

The year may be in its infancy but you are not.  Spend no more of your precious time here today.  The calendar has dropped a holiday right in the middle of your work week in the spot usually reserved for Hump Day.  Embrace it.  Enjoy it.  I know that I shall.  Maybe not as much as Rosie but I shall try my level best to keep up.

Happy New Year to one and all. 


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