Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Cold Mind and A Thin Line

Eight years in, it feels like you're gonna die
But you get used to anything
Sooner or later it becomes your life....
-Bruce Springsteen

Today is the first official work day of 2014 - for me anyway.  I shall embark on my seventeenth year practicing law at the Firm.  Sunday is in fact my "work anniversary".  My very good friend Jeff Swanson and I commenced our careers at WL together way back when on January 5, 1998.  Truth be told, I left for a brief spell in 2009.  It did not take.  Unfortunately, when Jeff left back in 2004 it took just fine.  I am beyond pleased to still run into him on cases on a recurring basis and more so to still call him my friend - one of the most decent human beings I have ever met either inside or outside the practice of law - but I still miss him not being around the shop on day in, day out basis.  I still miss Devina as well.  And Gracie?  I probably miss her most of all. 

Yogi and Boo Boo spent a lifetime's worth of Saturday mornings in pursuit of their "perfect place".  If Hanna-Barbera could not manufacture one, then far be it from me to think I can do so.  I cannot.  All things considered, I have been fortunate.  A man of limited skills has lucked into a career that permits me the opportunity to earn a nice living.  For close to the past two decades, I have earned that living in a damn comfortable, generally supportive work environment.  Is the Firm's mailing address "Nirvana" or "Utopia"?  Nope.  Believing it would be - or should be for that matter - is unrealistic.  The world in which we live is the world of flesh and bone.  It is real-life.  It is not a cartoon. 

In just about a month, I shall observe my 47th birthday.  While I sought solace in law school as a refuge from hard math, even I possess enough arithmetic skills to appreciate that more than one-third of my life has been spent at the Firm....and that does not even take into consideration the number of hours spent here on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  It does help me understand better why I am so damn tired so much of  the time.  

Physical fatigue is no big deal.  It is mental fatigue that can kill you.  To date that has not afflicted me, doing what I do and where I do it.  I hope like hell that those who employ my services feel likewise.  This old dog may not have any new tricks in him.  And I sure as hell hope that if the time comes that I must see whether I do, that decision is mine to make.  


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