Thursday, December 5, 2013

Today is Not that Day

Holy Turkey Day Batman!  Thanksgiving was already one week ago.  Time flies.  And it does so a hell of a lot faster than a turkey.  

Today is the 5th of December.  I decided to participate this month in an on-line project in which all who participate agree to run at least one mile a day every day in December.  I am pleased to report that as of today my streak is alive and I five for five.  Actually I am eight for eight.  I have not missed a day since Thanksgiving.  I ran that morning in a 5K race in Green Brook and have made it a point, whether indoors or out, to lace up my running shoes and just do it daily. 

Given how much I run, I cannot derive any measurable benefit out of running one mile so I have been running at least three miles a day.  Thus far, eight days in, my knees have held up fairly well.  No unusual pain in either  - not even in the area directly behind my left kneecap, which is a source of recurring discomfort.  Admittedly there is a hell of a long way to go.  Twenty-six days follow on the heels of today. 

The nice thing about it is that I try to make a point every day to pop onto the Facebook page set up for this project to post my day's efforts, which affords me the chance to read the posts of other runners.  A lot of great, interesting stuff is popping up there.  A man named Joe Asbury - who apparently lives either in or near Chicago - posted something the day that his daily run took him to Soldier Field.  His recitation of what that felt like to him - and for him - was really something.  If I live to be 100, which no one (including me) either hopes or anticipates shall occur, then I will likely never meet him.  Yet for a moment or two the other morning, something he wrote made me smile. 

I reckon that if you do something you love - and it is something that other people love and do as well - then even though you may never meet the person or persons with whom you share this particular love, you are not necessarily strangers to one another.  The power of the shared experience....even when the experience "shared" is not necessarily being experienced in the same place or at the same time.

Day Six lies straight ahead. 


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