Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Head I Scratch

As someone who is decidedly not a fan of NBA basketball, I watched exactly zero minutes of the five games that were televised on Christmas Day.  However, I did see highlights on ESPN while I was completing my "3 at 3" in the wee small hours of Boxing Day.  I saw enough to make we wonder aloud who the genius was who approved the ridiculous-looking t-shirt uniforms that all of the teams wore on Christmas. 

I know from gazing at the standings in the sports page that both the Knicks and the Nets have played like second-division CYO squads since Opening Night.  There is no reason, however, to make them dress the part; right? 

The candy cane-style socks the rather enormous fellow in the blue uniform was sporting only enhanced the "free bowl of soup" vibe being emitted by these things.  Cannot wait until next season when on Christmas Day the NBA makes their players compete "Shirts v. Skins" style and hires the crew who body paints the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models to do the same for exactly half of the teams.  If they do that, then I hope the Knicks play in one of the games.  Their roster features a number of players who are covered in more ink, lettering and symbols than the average cargo container at Port Elizabeth and it should look simply spectacular in the mix of body paint and perspiration.  

At noon today, the State University of New Jersey shall battle Notre Dame in the Pinstripe Bowl, which shall be contested on the frozen tundra of Yankee Stadium.  Considering Rutgers, which started its season by winning four out of its first five games, has only won two games since early October, methinks that it could be a very long day for the Scarlet Knights.  One of my partners - who is an RU alum and a very good, supportive fan - told me that the betting line on the game (as of Thursday morning) had Notre Dame as a two-touchdown favorite.  Not exactly a confidence-inspiring point spread.  I know not how much of the game I shall watch although I shall root hard for Rutgers - as I always do - and root hard against Notre Dame - as I always do.  Nice when a plan comes together. 

I suppose the upside for RU is that win or lose they should be back on campus by dinner time.  Conversely, whether ND beats them or not,  the Irish still have to return to South Bend, Indiana.  Nothing says fun quite as much as northern Indiana on a December Saturday night....said no one.  Ever.




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