Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Birthday Girl

A horse is a horse and a man is a man
And neither can be the other
And each can survive but is much better
In the company of one another....
- Tomas O Carthaigh

Today is the birthday of my sister Evan.  Evan is the "tip of the spear" on the distaff side of the Kenny Siblings, the oldest of three daughters born to Joan and William, Sr. I recall as a child that we always had a horse on the premises when we lived on Canal Road in Belle Mead.  To whom the horse belonged was always clear:  lock, stock, barrel and heart it belonged to Evan. 

There are things from our youth that we carry with us all the days of our life.  I smile every time I see her post a photo of her with her "pony" or doing anything equine-related.  Her love for it has never waned.  I also smile at the irony of us living in the middle of nowhere so that Evan could ride...and she became the first of the Kenny Siblings to walk in the footsteps of our parents and live in the "city".  It seems like forever ago that Evan left the bucolic surroundings of Somerset County for the far more developed environs of Jersey City.  Once she felt that Hudson County macadam 'neath her feet she never looked back - nor moved back. 

I know not whether today will be a day that Evan spends any time with her favorite four-legged companion.  I know that as long as she has her loving family around her she will have one hell of a great birthday.  And such a day is well-earned. 

Happy Birthday Ev! 


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