Saturday, December 7, 2013

Starts and Finishes

Seventy-two years ago today the Empire of Japan declared war on the United States of America courtesy of a surprise, large-scale attack upon the United States Navy's base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The loss of human life and military hardware was staggering. 

Had Las Vegas taken odds on such things back in the day, you likely would have gotten very long odds on the United States ultimately emerging victorious in our conflict with Japan - and even longer odds on the United States doing so in less than four years following our foe's initial sneak attack.  Yet we did. 

A tribute to the men and women whose lives were lost on an early December Hawaiian Sunday morning seventy-two years ago today.  A testament to what can be accomplished when people set aside their personal differences in favor of working together to achieve a common, mutually beneficial objective.   

A lesson worth remembering at least as much as the events of the day itself.


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