Monday, December 9, 2013

Small Things For Little Ones

As per usual, the 11th annual Big Chill 5K race yesterday morning was a terrific event.  It was cold of course - it is December in New Jersey after all.  But it was also extraordinary.  Simply extraordinary.
Yesterday morning close to 9,000 toys were collected for children who otherwise would not have had anything this Christmas.  Several thousand people ran and walked.  Everyone had one hell of a great morning.  Saying thank you to the good men and women of Rutgers University who gave so much of themselves just so that those of us who participated in the fruits of labor seems hopelessly inadequate.  For better or worse, it is all I got. 
In the cold outside of the College Avenue Gym yesterday morning a lot of people - of varying ages, sizes and shapes - braved the elements to do a good thing.  And it was damn nice to be a part of it.  Even if it was just a small part.  
And running 24:36 felt pretty damn good too. 

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