Friday, December 20, 2013

Not at All Akin to Kissing One's Sister

'Tis officially Autumn's final full day on the job.  I know not how you are observing its passage into history in your parts but 'round here the Mercury is supposed to tickle the upper 40's.  Given its recent residency in the teens and low 20's, shorts and t-shirts might be the dress code of the day.  If only judges did not frown upon them. 

Winter officially takes the stage tomorrow, which is both a good and bad thing I reckon.  Bad in the sense that while we have already seen more snow than I need to see in a decade's worth of winters, none of the white stuff that has fallen has - in fact- fallen in winter.  I hope like hell it is not a portent of things to come.  Except for Super Bowl Sunday.  I hope it snows all day on Super Bowl Sunday.  The NFL is screwing the good people who earn their living in the immediate vicinity of PSL Stadium six ways to Super Bowl Sunday so it will be justice of the most karmic variety if Mother Nature drops a Nor'Easter right on East Rutherford, New Jersey that day.

Its arrival is good in the sense that tomorrow represents the nadir of the winter season in terms of daylight.  Tomorrow is the day in the Northern Hemisphere more daylight-deprived than any other, which means each day's dawn thereafter brings us a few more minutes of daylight than the one that preceded it.  Spring will soon be here.  It may not feel like it but if you just concentrate on winning the day - and only the day- it shall in fact be here before you know it.

Today is graduation day at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Another bunch of bright young minds cross the threshold from college students, dependent at least in part upon their parents, to alumni upon whom CU is dependent for its continuing vitality.  Nothing quite says "Alumni" as much as the first fundraising letter or phone call.  All kidding aside, kudos to the men and women graduating from CU today.  Welcome to the ranks of being a Buff Alum.  We are a diverse, talented group and we are happy to have you....especially so if you are bitten by the "Let's buy the old guy from the Class of '89 who was nice to me at the Alumni function a Guinness" bug at the first such function you attend.  I specified Class of '89 so that neither my old college pal Loku (Class of '90) or my law-practicing partner in crime Chris (Class of '88) poaches my Guinness.  

Today is also Looney Tunes Tie Day, a day that once upon a lifetime ago had at least a measurable amount of significance not only to me but to Rob as well and that likely has - as he has grown from a boy to a man - slipped into the recesses of his memory forever.  That is ok.  He is young.  A great deal of his life lies ahead of him.  I am not.  A considerable portion of mine is available for viewing in the rear-view mirror.  He has many more memories to make.  As I have many less in the "to do" stack, I take a real delight in the ones already bought and paid for, figuratively speaking. 

I shall today as I have every year on whatever shall mark my final court appearance before Christmas wear the Looney Tunes Tie that I purchased for no reason other than Rob asked me to way back when.  The store in which I bought it, Stern's, ceased to exist years ago.  Yet my tie soldiers on.  I have admittedly lost track of its exact year of purchase at this point but I think he was no more than a third or fourth-grader, which means we are fast approaching its twentieth birthday.  It has held up relatively well over time.  Then again, it works only only day a year.  Sort of like the Santa Claus of ties except it mans the day shift.  

Truth be told, it is more than a little silly looking - in spite of the fact that Bugs Bunny is featured prominently upon it.  I wear it on its appointed day every December because in spite of its silliness - or perhaps becuase of it - it reminds me of a time when those who are grown were not nearly so much so and it rekindles a memory that makes me smile.  And I wear it because I am cognizant of the fact that those who were not nearly as grown then as they are have grown up to be wonderful, caring and considerate people (proof of their mother's influence upon them to be sure) and that, too, makes me smile....

....besides with all of the cartoon characters on my tie it is the one day a year that people do not fixate on my oversized head.  It may be just one day but I will certainly take it. 


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