Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Logs of Yule and Travel

One week until Christmas.  Eight days until the land is overcome by the annual national depression.  Is there anything more depressing than the day after Christmas?  Perhaps, like when it falls on a Thursday as it does this year.  'Round these parts we have a name for Thursday.  We call it "a work day".  I would wager it is likely called by a similar name in your neck of the woods as well. 

In spite of the fact that Christmas falls smack dab in the middle of the week this year, our doorstep shall be brightened considerably by the fact that the Texas branch office and the Colorado branch office shall both travel to the home office in the State of Concrete Gardens.  It shall be wonderful to see all four of them - even if it is only going to be an abbreviated visit.  It always is. 

None of us possesses the ability to control how much time we have in the company of those we love.  Never have had that ability.  Never will.  Yet each of us possesses a far greater skill, which is the ability to maximize what we get - what we receive - from the time we have together. 

It does not make it hurt any less when you say goodbye at visit's end to those you love and those in whose company you spend too little time, but it does give you something to draw upon - a reserve - to tide you over until the next visit.  And all things considered, no matter how many items adorn your Christmas list there shall be nothing better than that anywhere on it.


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