Monday, December 23, 2013

Here We Go A-Caroling....

Saturday night Margaret and I made our annual pilgrimage to McCarter Theatre in Princeton to see the Theatre's production of "A Christmas Carol".  We have - every year for the past four - attended the performance on the Saturday night preceding Christmas.  Even for an old curmudgeon such as Yours truly, it is an event that fills one's reservoir of Christmas spirit to the brim.  Once again, Graeme Malcolm starred as Ebenezer Scrooge.  Simply extraordinary.  While you may live 1,000 years and never meet a person as disinterested in how others spend their time as I am, this is an event I wholeheartedly recommend to one and all. 
This year the Missus and I were joined on our outing by Joe.  Truth be told, events that begin at 7:30 PM - unless they are television programs hosted by Alex Trebek - do not typically find a place on my father-in-law's to-do list.  I suspect that right up until the point where he got dressed to go out on Saturday night, he weighed in his own mind whether he was up for an evening out.  He made the right choice. 
We stopped for dinner in my favorite-named Chinese restaurant, Ya Ya Village, in Montgomery Township on our way to the show.  Margaret and I have eaten in there perhaps a half-dozen times in the past four years.  The food is always excellent.  I nevertheless remain disappointed that when - upon entering - I exclaim "Get Yer Ya Yas out!" I am met by looks of bewilderment and complete silence.  World's most famous rock and roll band, my ass.
Food is an important part of my father-in-law's day-to-day.  I mean no disrespect by saying that.  I am simply reporting what he, himself, has often told me.  It was a relief to Margaret and to me when he proclaimed his first-ever meal at Ya Ya Village to be a success.  Candidly, from my vantage point across the table I did not need his written proclamation - having borne witness to the enthusiastic consumption.  The meal set the tone for the evening for Joe - as it often does - and ensured that as he entered McCarter Theatre he was prepared to be dazzled.
And he was.  All the way home in the car - a trip of approximately thirty-five minutes that BEGAN approximately two hours AFTER his usual bed time - he chatted away like an excited child.  He could not stop talking about the show.  He loved it.  And that made me smile.  Joe is an integral part of Margaret's day-to-day and has become, by extension, an integral part of mine.  Her happiness is very much intertwined with his and if it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then I reckon there is nothing else I have to say....
Margaret and Joe - "A Christmas Carol"
12/21/13 - McCarter Theatre


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