Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Corner Boys Need Not Apply

If the decision were mine to make
And Time were mine to tether.
I'd take a Picture of this Moment now
And freeze this frame forever....

Saturday night the Missus and I were supposed to meet a friend of mine and his wife for dinner at one of our favorite little joints - Uncle Vinnie's Clam Bar in Raritan.  However, plans being what they are, which is the bane of men and mice alike, our anticipated rendezvous did not happen.  We found out on Friday night that our quartet had been reduced to a duet. 

As it turned out, we had ourselves one hell of an evening.  Uncle Vinnie's is one of our absolute "can't miss" places for dinner.  If I ever have a less than spectacular meal there, I will be sure to make note of it.  I anticipate losing zero sleep contemplating that ever occurring.  Margaret and I held to what been the original action plan - and bopped over to have dinner as if we had at least a smidge of Blue Dye #2 in our hair and worms were our appetizer of choice.  It was dark when we got there - but just barely.

We sat at the bar and ate and drank at a very relaxed, ambling pace.  Then we headed towards home through Somerville.  Saturday night the good folks of the 'Ville lit up their Christmas tree, which is located in a very cool pedestrian area on Division Street. 

Margaret and I spent what turned out to be close to a couple of hours just meandering all over Downtown Somerville, checking out a number of stores that were open on Main Street as part of the town's "Holiday Jubilee" and spreading a little love on Small Business Saturday.  While we did not wait on line for a ride, there were two teams of Clydesdales pulling wagons on which people (principally parents and their small children) were seated, clopping up and down Main Street utterly content to see everything they could see as the world passed by them - and their two horsepower means of conveyance.

We drank hot chocolate that was being given away to passers-by at stands on either side of Main Street by volunteers.  We smiled in appreciation of all the parents who were out with their little ones - bundled up against the elements on a chilly but not too cold December Saturday night - and who were neither hustling nor bustling.  Downtown Somerville was full of people on Saturday night.  While it was busy, no one seemed too harried or hurried or otherwise inclined to be anyplace else than exactly where they were....

....and that includes the Missus and me.


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