Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Be Resolute

"The most important key to achieving great success
 Is to decide upon your goal and launch,
 Get started, take action, move."
-John Wooden

Say you want a Resolution?  Today is the day for it I reckon.  As the last act of the drama known as 2013 plays out on the world's stage, millions of us will make one of them at least.  Our intentions will be good but far more often than not by the time Super Bowl Sunday rolls around, our "New Year's Resolution" will be as far removed from the forefront of our mind's eye as Christmas. 

I know not whether this shall help you - or me for that matter - keep the promises that we make to ourselves (and far too often and usually when under the influence of an adult beverage out loud so others can hear them and later mock us for our failure to keep them) but maybe, just maybe, our self-interest would be better served if we stopped resolving to do things altogether.  Instead, allow the promise to one's self in 2014 simply to be this:  Be resolute.  Resolute in everything we do.  Resolute in the way in which we go about our day-to-day.  Resolute in the way in which we express and show the love we feel for those we love.  

We stop setting ourselves up for disappointment and perhaps even failure by continuing to attempt to grab hold of that which exceeds our grasp.  Instead, we focus inward.  Whether it is something that arrived just last week when Santa left it 'neath our Christmas tree or something that we have had laying around for quite some time but have not put to good use in a long, long while, let us reacquaint ourselves with our steely backbone.  We shall be amazed at how much putting our backbone to good use will do for us in terms of how we carry ourselves.  And our posture will improve too.  

There are countless people who are far smarter than I.  Perhaps one - or more than one - of them can assuage any trepidation you have about the year ahead by letting you know now all that lies ahead for you.  I could never make such a claim.  All I know is that if the year ahead is anything at all like its immediate predecessor and all of those that have gone before it, then it shall be a mix of great days and terrible days, of triumphs and tragedies and of days you wish would last forever and moments that you fear may do just that. 

All I hope to do is take all that the world dishes out and withstand it well enough to make it to this very moment this time next year and prepare to begin the journey anew.  A point in time will arrive when a schism develops between that for which I hope and that which shall be.  It shall for me as it shall for all of us.  I hope that the schism's arrival shall not occur in 2014.  I shall be resolute in doing all that I can to prevent it.  I shall be so - and shall remain so - even though I know that its arrival is something that one day I shall lack the ability to forestall.   I am resolute in my belief that that day shall not arrive in 2014.  Rob and Jess's wedding day shall but that other day shall not.

Be resolute.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Do that - and only that - and see all that flows from it.  See all that you accomplish and achieve simply by standing up and standing firm.  Abraham Lincoln, a man far smarter than I, once advised "Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."  Damn good advice when he said it.  Time has done nothing to eviscerate it.  

Happy New Year.  


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