Sunday, November 17, 2013

Truth and Freedom

When in doubt, tell the Truth.
It will confound your Enemies
and astound your Friends.
- Mark Twain

Random thought for a Sunday:  There are few things that sadden me as much as watching Mike Tyson come to grips with the train wreck that has been his life.  HBO aired last night Spike Lee's "Mike Tyson:  Undisputed Truth", a film culled from two July, 2013 performances of Tyson's one-man show that had run on Broadway in the Summer of 2012 and which Tyson took on a national tour in 2013.  If you are familiar at all with Tyson's back story and his career, then make time to watch it.    

"Iron Mike" is only a few years older than I am.  I smile still at the memory of watching him as a young, raw fighter just obliterate every opponent who he encountered on his way to winning the heavyweight title.  A lot of what has befallen him over the years has been his own fault, which he acknowledges.  But perhaps as much - if not more - of it happened to him because he was an equal opportunity dupe for men of all races and ethnicities. 

If there is not yet, then there should be a special place in Hell reserved for Bill Cayton and Don King for the shameless, toxic manner they treated him.  I wonder if it warms the cockles of the hearts of little do-gooders everywhere that a white man and a black man fucked Tyson over with equal impunity.  There is racial equality for you - the perverse, "through the looking glass" variety.

It has been said since time immemorial "The truth shall set you free."  Tyson has lived his whole life with the demons in his head.  Maybe, just maybe, the truth shall free him from them - at long last... 

....or maybe - just maybe - they shall continue to confound him.  An opponent who he never will be quite able to figure out.  An opponent who - in spite of his prodigious physical gifts - he cannot defeat.   


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