Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Well Worth the Wait....

This past Saturday a small and important part of  "normalcy" returned to Manasquan.  Slightly more than one year after Sandy had necessitated the cancellation of the 30th annual Turkey Trot, the second attempt at the 30th annual race went off without a hitch.  Under chilly - but by no means cold - skies in late November  several thousand runners did what we have grown accustomed to doing in 'Squan on the Saturday morning immediately preceding Thanksgiving.  We ran all over town. 

The Turkey Trot is among my favorite races.  'Squan is pancake flat so other than a quick over and back one small bridge there is no discernible change of elevation for five miles.  Flat or not, it is still a five-mile race, which means that it is a nice workout on a Saturday morning.  That is especially so when - as was the case on Saturday morning - there is just enough chill in the air to make taking big, gulping breaths of air an uncomfortable experience. 

A few years back I managed to complete the Trot in just under 40 minutes.  This past Saturday I did not travel in such rarified air.  I was, however, pleased with my finishing time of 41:31, although where I managed to pick up the second that prevented me from finishing in 41:30 I shall never know.  Moreover, I was pleased by the day itself.  Margaret and I met up with Gidg and Jeff and Lynne at Lynne's pre-race where we were joined by Trot rookies Pete, Yvette, Brooke and Joe.  We ended up with one hell of a running caravan.  For at least a couple of the members of our group - Brooke and Joe - Saturday represented the maiden attempt at five miles in a race setting.  Both of them ran phenomenally well.  Everyone in our little cadre did. 

Turkey Trot Saturday is not complete without some post-race celebrating as well.  On Saturday in 'Squan - both at Leggett's and later on back at Lynne's - the air was filled with a sound heard far too infrequently at the Shore in this post-Sandy era:  laughter.

It took twenty-four months to complete the journey from the 29th annual Turkey Trot to the 30th.  A trip delayed.  Yet one that was well worth the wait.  


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