Saturday, November 23, 2013

We Got To Trot....

Last November Hurricane Sandy - that bitch - put the kibosh on what was to have been the 30th Annual Edition of the Manasquan Turkey Trot, a 5-mile jaunt through 'Squan that is held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  This morning, in the chill of a late November morning on the Shore, several thousand of us shall gather on the streets of 'Squan to celebrate where we are at "Sandy + 13 months" and to run in the 2013 Edition of the Trot. 

Even more remarkable than the number of people who shall run in the race is the number of people who shall gather at Leggett's and other establishments afterwards to celebrate the Trot.  As a general rule the post-race festivities are always better attended than the race itself.  As my great grandpa Phineas used to say, "I don't give a rat's ass what sort of shape you are in.  'Tis always easier to drink a pint of Guinness than to run a mile."  Smart old coot Phineas was.  Smart as hell.  

Here's to hoping that being able to have their beloved Trot going forward as scheduled from its appointed place on the calendar is a harbinger of good things ahead this winter for my good friend Lynne and the rest of her neighbors in 'Squan.  The Shore has been through a hell of a lot in the past thirteen months or so.  Truth be told it will likely take another few years before the places that Sandy inundated are back up and running as it were.  But after months of feeling fortunate just to crawl, the good folks in Manasquan are at last back up and walking.  

Nothing like a great little 5 mile race to help them all quicken their pace just ever so slightly.  

My Estimated Finishing Time


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