Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Harder We Fall

November's first Saturday.  A day I welcome because it serves as a reminder that campaign season is almost over.  Tuesday shall be the first such day to follow November's first Monday, which means that it doubles as Election Day.  Unless the political prognosticators reading tea leaves have been smoking another type of leafy product altogether, there appears not to be a great deal of suspense regarding the race that tops the ballot here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  Governor Christie - according to all polls that I have seen - is reported to have a fairly significant lead (anywhere from 19% to 34%) over his challenger, State Senator Barbara Buono.  Our Governor is not everybody's cup of tea, which is fine, but he is mine.  I voted for him four years ago and shall do so again on Tuesday without hesitation.

November's first Saturday is also a day I dread.  Truth be told I dread it considerably more than I welcome it.  Today is "Fall Back Saturday".  It is the end of Daylight Savings Time and the resumption of Standard Time.  It is the day that marks my slow, depressing descent into darkness.  I arrive at my office insanely early in the morning by some people's standards (4:30 AM or so), which means it is never daylight when I leave my house.  Today's return to Standard Time ensures that between Monday and the day in the Spring when we "Spring Forward" and return to Daylight Savings Time that five days out of seven - every week - I shall not see my home at all in the daylight.  I sought refuge from hard math in law school but 5/7 seems to me to be a pretty high percentage of the time. 

I am far from alone in my morphing into Mole Man.  I get it.  However, being a self-absorbed little f*ckhead the person about whom I am most concerned is, of course, me.  Today to me has always represented Autumn's last stand.  I get that Winter's official arrival is eight Sundays away but from here forward it closes on us at an accelerated pace.  From this day on the calendar until the Winter Solstice should be designated as "Prelude" rather than Autumn in these parts.  What's that smell in the air? Nothing other than the worst possible thing....



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