Monday, November 25, 2013

The Faces of Youth

I had the chance on Friday afternoon to do something that I had not done since December 1994.   I was in the gorgeous historic Court House in Somerville for a Pre-Trial Conference with the Hon. Thomas Miller, J.S.C.  The Conference was scheduled for 3:30 in the afternoon.  I expected the building to be empty when I arrived.  It was not.
Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM the young attorneys who are serving as Law Clerks for the judges of the Superior Court in Somerset County for the 2013-14 judicial term - and who passed the July 2013 New Jersey Bar Exam - were sworn in as members of the New Jersey Bar.  Each law clerk was sworn in by his or her Judge while a family member held the Bible. 
When I was sworn in - way back when in December 1994 - my 'ceremony' took place in the basement of the Middlesex County Court House in New Brunswick with at least one hundred other new attorneys.  We stood in front of Judge Longhi  - who was the Assignment Judge - and simultaneously took our oath.  It served its purpose.  But it was nothing at all like the event that I bore witness to this past Friday.
I have been practicing law for a long time.  It is an endeavor that has - admittedly - left me more than just a little bit jaded.  Friday afternoon however was something akin to a B-12 shot.  Seeing the looks on the faces of the new lawyers - and more importantly perhaps on the faces of the mothers and fathers who accompanied them for the ceremony - reminded me of how I felt way back when I was a "baby lawyer". 
Good luck to them all....and congratulations. 

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