Friday, November 8, 2013

Rooster Tales

I have fallen back into a habit this week - and it is a pretty good habit so my plan is to eschew all attempts to kick it for the foreseeable future.  A wise man once wrote something commenting upon the best-laid plans of mice and men.  I hope I fare better than the poor SOB of whom he wrote. 

When I first took up running as a recreational activity several years ago I used to run in the morning before I went to work.  No big deal.  Well, the size of the deal might be larger than envisioned at first glance.  I arrive at my office six days a week between 4:30 and 4:45 AM.  My "pre-work" run would start at or about 3:00 AM.  Admittedly, not the time of day that a lot of people are out and about getting in their mileage.  I made sure I ran safely - reflective vest, two lights and my cell phone (just in case I ran into a deer, a raccoon or as I did only one time (thankfully) a group of four of five seemingly intoxicated young men whose garbage can cover tossing competition I inadvertently interrupted when I turned the corner onto Harris Avenue). 

The older I have gotten the more of a prima donna I have become about things such as fatigue and weather.  Over time I abandoned my pre-work run altogether and became a night shift runner (No I was not tooling around 'NTSG in the Billy Blazemobile spouting $1 Million ideas into a hand-held tape recorder), getting in my run at day's end.  

Running after work has proven - generally speaking - to be a pain in the ass.  By day's end I am more tired, more cranky and pissed off at the world than I am when I wake up in the morning, which creates a disincentive to run.  Also, as someone who gets home usually between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM and who has - as we all do - a lot of things I need to get a handle on just to get ready for the next day - running at night has been fucking with my day-to-day.  

Margaret and I moved in May.  Now the treadmill, which formerly occupied the office in our old home (the most euphemistically-named room this side of the one labeled "Miami Dolphins Leadership Council") and was right down the hall from our bedroom, occupies a spot in the basement.  Damn thing makes a fair amount of noise - actually it makes little noise until I use it so I suppose that I, not it, am responsible for the sound - but tucked away in the basement far from where we sleep, my use of it interferes not one "Z" with Margaret's slumber.  

So, starting this past Monday I have worked my pre-work run back into my day-to-day.  I did not run yesterday, as I try as a rule to not run more than three consecutive days (it holds down the volume at which my left knee screams), but I ran Monday through Wednesday and again this morning.  I had forgotten just how hard it is to get up and running when your body is still half-asleep.  I was reminded right quick on Monday morning.  By Wednesday morning, my body had recalibrated itself.  The early-morning stiffness was gone.  

A maxim by which I live my life is adherence to the 5 Ps:  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  By resuming my early-morning running program I am able to do something I love - and quite frankly something that I need to do for more reasons than I can recount here.  And I am able to do it without having to take time away from other things that I love to do - such as spending time with my wife at the end of a long work day - and things that I have to do to prepare for the next day's adventure.  

Time will tell just how well - if at all - I honor this promise to myself.  I hope not to disappoint myself.  However, if history is any guide....

....time will tell.  It always does. 


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