Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just One Wish....

Contrary to what I believed when I woke up this morning, it is tomorrow - and not today - that is the birthday of my running companera Gidg.  Usually on her birthday I point out to her that unlike me she is old.  She is, after all, eighty-five days older than I.  That is more than twelve weeks for those of you keeping score at home.  Twelve weeks!  

Not this year.  This year I am taking a mulligan on busting Gidg's stones on her birthday.  These are tough days in the Family Kizis - a family that serves as a reminder that Cancer cares not at all about the quality of the family it invades.  It does not skip over the good people and attack only those you might think are less than ideal humans.  It is a ferocious, equal opportunity assassin.  And it is exquisitely easy to hate. 

My good pal Gidg has just one wish on this her birthday.  And whether it can be granted I know not.  I do know, sadly, that while she is a good friend and has been as great a friend to my wife as anyone I have ever known and I would grant it for her if I could, I cannot.  It is far beyond my conjuring skills.  Very far beyond in fact. 

Gidg's one wish is for her beloved mother - who she and the rest of the Kizis clan affectionately call Hazel - to wake up this morning cancer-free and pain-free and fully able to ease her canoe back into the stream of her life right where she was before this effing bastard started waging war on her several months ago.  Gidg's wish is strong - and its strength is buttressed by the fact that it is echoed by the entire Kizis clan and by those of us who have been blessed by the good fortune of making the acquaintance of at least one Kizis in our lifetime.  And her wish is perfect.  Neither its strength nor its perfection matter.  At least not today.

On this day - her birthday - Gidg's one wish shall not come true.  Not today anyway.  Tomorrow perhaps.  Or maybe the day after.  A wish delayed need not be a wish denied.  

On her birthday  I have but one wish for my friend Gidg.  I wish that her wish comes true.... 

....if not today, then soon.  Really, really soon. 


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