Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Digital Display

If you are a numbers person - I am not having sought refuge from math in the abyss known as law school - then today is your kind of day.  It is 11/12/13.  What fun it must be to be a kid celebrating either a 10th or 14th birthday today huh?  Talk about four play. 

Here is a little bit of information that may or may not depress you.  If you are alive today and reading this, then this little slice of tango timekeeping is the second to last such event you are likely to live long enough to see.  Next December we shall be graced with 12/13/14.  And then that is it for the duration of this century.  Unless a Roman emperor comes to the fore between now and 12/31/14 and adds yet another month to the calendar, next year's appearance on the calendar of 12/13/14 will mark the end of the line. 

I have no inkling that the Italians are contemplating reinstituting the Empire.  But considering just how many forms of government - and leaders (using that word in the broadest possible definitional sense) - Italy has had in the seventy years since the end of World War II anything can happen.  Perhaps if the Italian courts acquit Amanda Knox a second time, they will name her honorary Emperor just to make amends?  Probably not.  And if I was her attorney I would advise her to remain absent from the jurisdiction just to be safe. 

You may be like me - and a lot of other people I know - and arise to earn your daily bread every day feeling very much like a number and not very much like an individual at all.  On most days, feeling like a number is probably one hell of a bummer.  But today?  Today feeling like a number is all the rage.  Embrace it.  Enjoy it. Celebrate it.... 

....and remember that while today is Tango Tuesday, tomorrow is merely Wednesday.  


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