Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beach Bums

While there is a danger inherent in looking too far ahead from any fixed point on the horizon line, today I opt to poke Fate squarely in the eye with a pointed stick.  We awaken today already two months removed from my favorite event of 2013, which was the wedding of my daughter Suzanne to my (still new) son-in-law Ryan.  Neither time nor diminished memory has wiped the smile off of my face at the mere thought of that day.  I have every confidence that neither shall any time soon.  We awaken today but eight months removed from what shall be my favorite event of 2014, the wedding of my son Rob to my soon-to-be daughter-in-law Jessica.  

My only true hope when my kids were still children was that life would take them to a place and to a point in time at which it would not only become clear to them just how important it is to have someone with you inside of the canoe but the singular importance of finding exactly the right person.  Each has - and as importantly the person with whom they find themselves manning an oar - has as well.  As a parent you never outkick your coverage.  By that I mean simply that your kids never stop being your kids - even when they are no longer children.  You worry about them, whether they live up the street or on the other side of the continent.  That never goes away.  But you sleep a bit better - at least a little bit - when you know that wherever they are, peace is at hand.  

The Missus and I spent a portion of our Sunday making sure that we squared away our hotel accomodations for Rob/Jess's nuptials.  Early June at the Jersey Shore is a hot ticket.  But squared away we are.  We long ago mastered the division of labor for such tasks in our household:  Margaret makes all the arrangements and at the appropriate moment, I hand her the credit card necessary to process the transaction.  I will let you in on a little secret:  the planning for Suzanne's wedding went as seamlessly as it did because roughly nine seconds after we started the process, I was moved off of the Operations Committee and onto Finance.  No tribe needs two Chiefs.  

Our room is booked.  Joe's room is booked too.  I had not looked forward to trying to conquer the logistics of getting him to and from Point Pleasant Beach.  Problem solved.  Once he reaches the Beach on Thursday for the rehearsal dinner it is there he shall stay through the ceremony and the reception on Friday.  Happiness is no unncessary driving.  I spend close to 35,000 miles annually in the car - most of which are work-related miles.  I embrace the opportunity to not tack on to that total whenever such an opportunity presents itself.   

The only "issue" for us when we leave 'NTSG in the rear-view mirror for a couple of days in early June is what to do with Rosie.  Although methinks Rosie already has formulated an action plan herself.

Rosie and Sunbeam:  Perfect Together....

....and if you look at her face really really closely I swear you can see her smiling. 


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