Sunday, October 20, 2013

Welcome to the Party....

"Civil-union partners in New Jersey today do not receive the same benefits as married same-sex couples when it comes to family and medical leave, Medicare, tax and immigration matters, military and veterans' affairs and other area," Supreme Court of New Jersey Chief Justice Stuart Rabner wrote Friday as the author of the unanimous (7-0) opinion in the matter of Garden State Equality, et al. v. Dow, et al., denying the State's request for a stay of a lower court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  As the Chief noted, under the current state of the law in New Jersey, "The state constitution's guarantee of equal protection is therefore not being met."

As someone who both likes personally and supports politically our Governor, I am hopeful (although not overly optimistic) that he now goes gently into that good night on this issue.  Intrinsically, how anyone - whether you are a regular member of the private citizenry such as Yours truly or an elected official - can espouse a preference for denying fundamental civil rights to an entire segment of the population based upon sexual preference is something that I am either too stupid to comprehend or not ignorant enough to embrace.  I know not which.

Friday's ruling was not a final ruling by our Supreme Court.  In its decision, the Court denied the State's application for a stay of the lower court's ruling pending the outcome of the State's formal appeal.  However, in shooting the State down 7-0, a total that included Associate Justice Patterson who is to date the only Justice Governor Christie has appointed to the Court (although his most recent nominee is well on his way to securing Senatorial confirmation), the Court not-too-subtly telegraphed where it is leaning. 

Welcome to the 21st Century my fellow residents of the State of Concrete Gardens.  Fear not.  The Republic shall not perish from this Earth merely because rights that never should have been denied to this particular class of individuals shall now be formally extended to them - regardless of what the right-wing Christian fundamentalists want you to believe.  If you want to freak out your favorite zealot, then try this one out on him and her.  If one believes in the Bible, then the first "normal" couple, Me and Eve, brought upon us a significant number of firsts.  Who can forget original sin?  In addition to that, Me and Eve were the Earth's first human parents - a set of bouncing baby boy twins.  Sons whose presence on this Earth gave rise to - what else - the first reported case of murder....and fratricide to boot. 

Yep.  Us "Heteros" have been doing it right since Day One. 

Sure we have....


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