Thursday, October 31, 2013

Treats Not Tricks

Happiness is the day after a trial concludes, which is what I thought today was going to be.  Alas, due to a rather spirited argument involving four attorneys and one Judge yesterday, while the lawyers finished our work on our trial yesterday, our jury has yet to begin its work.  They shall be charged as to the law and shall begin their deliberations this morning.  Yet another day driving into Jersey City.  "Trick!". 

Once my work on trial is completed, a whole "whoosh" of energy seeps right out of me.  I am not sure if it is relief or what it is exactly although for me at least there is a bit of "happy this is now in the rear-view mirror" to it for sure.  As of this morning the matter in hand is out of my hands.  Do not misunderstand.  Irrespective of the outcome there are a million things you run through in your mind that you could have done differently, should have done better and so forth. 
Notwithstanding the internal second-guess - as much a part of the trial lawyer's repertoire as the Rules of Evidence - reaching the finish line is a good thing.  As a lawyer I normally tackle a thousand different things on several dozen different files during a given day.  It will be nice to re-widen my focus, which has been deliberately honed and concentrated since a week ago Monday. 
Today is not only "Verdict Day" it is also - of course....Jill and Joe's Wedding Anniversary.  Twenty-six years ago today my sister and my brother-in-law were wed.  I hope that this first quarter-century-plus has featured a significantly greater number of treats (including Simone and Julia) than tricks and that the quarter-century on which they have just embarked follows suit.   

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