Monday, October 7, 2013

The Proof Is In The Pictures

Yesterday morning Sue's Crew V took part in the 20th Edition of the Central/South Jersey Race for the Cure at Great Adventure.  It was - as it has been each and every time we have participated in it - a tremendous event.  You can wake up feeling a bit under the weather or tired or feeling otherwise less than 100%.   However once you arrive on site as this event, whatever ails you simply goes away.  There are too many good people who are battling problems far more serious than you shall ever have to address for you and your trivial problems to matter. 
We were fortunate enough yesterday to have a great group of people running under the "Sue's Crew V" banner.  I was lucky enough to find a seam in the mass of humanity gathered at the starting line and make my way to clean air and clear space rather easily, which set me up for a nice, fairly quick run.  And which gave sufficient time to get myself situated near the finish line to watch most of the other members of the Crew complete their trip around the course. 
The video above is one I took with my phone of Margaret as she reached the finish line.  My wife is not a runner.  The one race she actively participates in annually is the Race for the Cure.  Although running is very far outside of her comfort zone, she not only takes part in the Race each October but she revels in it.  She enjoys every minute of the time that she spends on the course.  In an event dominated by people celebrating their triumph over their own hardships and their own fears, Margaret demonstrated again yesterday morning that she finishes second to absolutely no one in that competition. 
I am not such an idiot that I do not love my wife every day.  Occasionally however I remember just how extraordinary she is.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Shame on me that it is not an everyday event.  It should be.

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