Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ten Twenty-Nine

What a pity this season. You remember me my lover.
I don't recognize myself. I'm not the man you love.
Behold the hurricane. Behold the hurricane.
-The Horrible Crowes
We may be a bit quieter than we usually are in the State of Concrete Gardens today.  Do not let our silence unnerve you if today marks your first visit to our humble environs.  What you are experiencing today is the sound (or absence thereof) of eight million or so folks holding their collective breath. 
On this very date on each of the past two years, Mother Nature has proven to be one hostile Mother for Jersey boys and girls.  Our group goal today is simply this;  Make it to October 30th in one piece. 
Sometimes twenty-four hours feels like an eternity.  Here's to hoping that this year - unlike each of the past two - this twenty-four hours proves not to be.

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