Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pink Buffaloes

For the entirety of this week work commitments have been front and center in my mind's eye.  I write that sentence half-hoping that no client of mine ever reads what it is written here because if they do, then they might be tempted to ask the question "How is this week different from your typical week?", which question neither I nor they want to hear answered aloud.  The nicest thing about being on trial is that it permits you to focus your energy on one case on a given day -as opposed to putting out fires on multiple cases during that time span.  The worst thing about being on trial is that it occupies the meat of your day, which leaves "off-hours" such as the wee small hours of the morning (including Saturday morning) and the wee late hours of the evening in which to put out the aforementioned fires.  The further removed I get from high school the more I wish I had paid attention in Mr. Freeman's Computer Science class.  F*ck me.  Oh well.  I am not nearly strong enough a swimmer to catch a ship that sailed that long ago. 

I am fiercely proud of my Alma mater, the University of Colorado.  Today, the Buffaloes are doing one more thing to add to the list of those things they do that make me proud.  On the gridiron, we are hosting the Arizona Wildcats (those in the know in Vegas will advise you to take U of A and lay the 15 but those of us who bleed black and gold might invite you to show a little faith for there just might be a little magic in the air on this late October Saturday night) on what has been dubbed "Blackout for Breast Cancer" Saturday.  Today is Homecoming.  Today is also the day that the Buffs are doing their part to help contribute to the efforts to eradicate a disease I hate more than any other, which is breast cancer.  While it is a "Blackout" game, the dominant color(s) of the day are black....and pink. 

Folsom Field is also appropriately adorned for the occasion.... 

....and while I have not seen her yet I presume that when my favorite hostile American Bison leads her human namesakes out onto the field of play this afternoon, Ralphie shall also be sporting more than a mere sprig of pink. 

Will any of this help the Buffs' D slow down 'Zona - and in particular running back Ka 'Deem Carey who in last year's game ran for 366 yards and 5 touchdowns against us?  Perhaps not but then again one never can tell.  It will certainly help the Buffs help others locked in a far more important battle than that for Pac-12 South supremacy. 

And that is most assuredly something worth celebrating.  Irrespective of the final score.  

Shoulder to Shoulder.  Then.  Now.  Always....


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