Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Patience & Virtues

The NBA season began last night.  The MLB season could end tonight.  The Boston Red Sox, fresh off of back-to-back conquests of the Cardinals in the Land of the Marble Arch, return home to the Fens up 3-2 in the Best-of-Seven World Series.  As a Yankees fan, I know that Red Sox fans recoil in horror at the mere mention of "1918" (much like Yankees fans do with "2004", "Kevin Brown" or "Carl Pavano") but if the Sox win either Game Six tonight - or Game Seven tomorrow - perhaps this generation of fans will think of "1918" in a less stark light.  Boston has won two World Series titles in the past decade - their first two such triumphs since 1918.  A win this year though will be the first time the Sox have won the World Series on their home field since 1918.  Back then a young fellow named George Herman Ruth was their star pitcher and "No, No Nanette" was a "yet to be pursued" folly in their owner's eye. 
The sun arose this morning all around the State of Concrete Gardens and those of us who call Jersey home awakened to find that Mother Nature had not chosen the 29th of October as the date on which she would turn our lives upside down.  Well, most of us who call Jersey home anyway.  There are still a lot of people - and since I eschewed mathematics in favor of a career in the law let me say that by my count "1" is too many people - who have yet to get back up on their feet one year - and now one day - after Sandy's arrival on our shores.  We are indeed Jersey Strong but even the strongest among us can only endure so much for so long before we reach our breaking point. 
It is true that in addition to being strong, those of us who call this joint home are stubborn.  Too fucking stubborn for our own good?  I reckon that we shall find out for certain sooner or later....
....I hope like hell it is later.  If the Red Sox could wait ninety-five years to celebrate a World Series-clinching win on Yawkey Way, then here's to looking towards them and their incredible patience as our guide.

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