Monday, October 28, 2013

October Skies

Yesterday morning - before settling into the continuation of festivities that marked Margaret's birthday weekend - I went for a nice run through our little town.  I flat-out love this time of year.  Yesterday marked the first time since last winter that I had to throw a knit cap on my oversized head to keep warm.  And I enjoyed every minute of it. 
Winter is fast approaching here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  Its official arrival is still close to two months away but its presence will be felt before we get too deep into November.  For now at least Fall is still in a bloom that is pretty close to full - although there were almost as many leaves on the sidewalks and the streets yesterday morning than there were on the branches of the trees.  In another couple of weeks, the branches will be bare. 
I probably should have gone further than I did yesterday morning.  I left the house with no pre-determined plan and ended up going six miles.  My pace was good (for me) turning 8:40 or so miles.  But on a day as nice as yesterday, I always feel when I return home that I could have or should have run further than I did.  It is so peaceful.  So soothing.  At run's end, I felt not only tired but a little tinge of sadness. 
Fall days pass quickly.  Winter days seem to last forever.  I know they do not really but still....

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