Friday, October 4, 2013

Monster Class

I think we may class the Lawyer in the natural history of Monsters.
-John Keats

As a general rule, I stay away from things political here.  To the extent that I do, I suppose it reveals my pedigree as my father's son.  I recall inquiring of Dad - as we sat at the dinner table in Neshanic Station - for whom he had voted in the 1980 Presidential Election and being told by him - in no uncertain terms - that his vote was none of my business.  A person's politics is his own was the mealtime lesson that night.  Lesson learned.

We are quickly approaching the end of the first work week affected by the "Showdown Shutdown"  of our Federal government.  Two things about this nonsense really chap my ass.  The first is entirely personal.  The 535 members of Congress and the President's game of Chicken is directly hurting people about whom I care a great deal - people such as my oldest brother Bill - and his family.  The grandstanding assholes on both sides of the aisle are so emotionally and intellectually disconnected from the people they represent that it makes my hair hurt.  The damage their collective tantrum is inflicting upon American families is REAL.  The impact that their continued hissy fit will have on those very same American families is REAL. 

One last thing from me on this - and this is a legal query and not a political one.  I am at a bit of a loss attempting to understand the legal justification for all that has transpired this week.  I loved Schoolhouse Rock as a kid.  One of my favorites was "I'm Just a Bill", which did a fairly astute job of explaining how a bill becomes a federal law. 

The Affordable Health Care Act (a/k/a "Obama Care") was passed in identical form by a legally-sufficient majority of both houses of Congress.  It was thereafter signed into law by the President of the United States.  In the late Spring/early Summer of 2012 shortly before the Supreme Court of the United States closed its doors on the 2011-12 term, Chief Justice Roberts authored the majority opinion (5-4 vote) in the case that declared the Act constitutional. 

A few months later, we the people of the United States went to the polls to vote for President.  The Republican Party's nominee, Governor Romney said often during the campaign that if he was elected the first thing he would do upon taking the oath of office was repeal Obama Care.  In case you missed it, this just in from the Electoral College:  Obama 332, Romney 206.  No President Romney = No January 20, 2013 repeal of Obama Care. 

To my knowledge therefore this particular law is still a law.  There are a lot of lawyers in the Congress, undoubtedly too many in fact, and it appears to this particular lawyer - based upon nothing more than what I know and/or think I know about this whole situation - that they are (or at least certain of them are) ignoring the law to suit their own purposes.  Perhaps they believe in the axiom "Ignorance is bliss".  Not in this case.  Not in the homes of the families being directly affected by it. 


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