Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maybe A Million Words Worth?

The Missus and I spent this past weekend in New York City.  With our friends Sue and Jeff (the latter a member of the Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey Fire Department - an all-volunteer outfit by the way) we toured the 09/11 Memorial on Saturday afternoon.  Then, on Sunday morning we participated in the 12th Annual Tunnel to Towers Run. 

The original action plan did not call for Margaret to run.  Although my wife has registered every year for the four years that I have run in the T2T - and has done so happily as her registration fee goes to the very best of causes - Margaret is very averse to spending time in crowded, confined spaces.  Thus, running 1.7 miles through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel is something she simply cannot do.  However this year, rather than waiting for me at the finish line, she met me as I ran through the Battery Park Esplanade.  From there, we ran (and walked a bit, which was anticipated given that while she had packed her running shoes she had not packed clothing in which to run so she hoofed it in a pair of blue jeans) together to the finish.  She provided me the opportunity to share with her something I love - crossing the finish line at the T2T.  It was the cherry atop a perfect weekend.

Rather than talk too much, which I do in this space every day, allow me to simply show you some of what we saw on Saturday and Sunday.  Allow me too to encourage each person reading this to make a trip into Lower Manhattan to see the 09/11 Memorial and to pay your respects to those whose lives were taken from them that day - as well as those who died when the Twin Towers were attacked in February 1993 - and, also, to lace up your running shoes and participate in the T2T Run/Walk....

View of 09/11 Memorial from 20th Floor Terrace
of World Center Hotel

09/11 Memorial - Antoinette Duger

09/11 Memorial - Flight 93 

09/11 Memorial - Thomas Irwin Glasser 

09/11 Memorial - Thomas Edward Gorman

09/11 Memorial - Rick Rescorla

09/11 Memorial - South Pool

09/11 Memorial - Stephen Gerard Siller

09/11 Memorial - Victims of 1993 WTC Attack

The Wall at Ten House featuring the Wreath 
left by the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
Brigade members who ran to every FDNY
firehouse in all 5 boroughs last week

Sunrise over the Brooklyn Bridge as seen from Pier 11
on T2T Sunday

Hasbrouck Heights NJ Fire Department meets 
London Fire Brigade in Brooklyn on T2T Sunday

View of Lower Manhattan from Water Taxi en route
to Red Hook Brooklyn on T2T Sunday

Members of FDNY greeting runners on the Manhattan
side of Brooklyn Battery Tunnel - wearing a silk-
screen sign for each of the 343 members of the FDNY
who died on 09/11

2013 T2T Sand Sculpture

Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Dakota Meyer at Post-Race Ceremony

Post-race Ceremony honoring 19 Wounded Warriors

One WTC taken from Vesey Street
Post-Race on T2T Sunday 



The Omnipotent Q said...

Beautiful pictures, Adam. Thanks for sharing. I had a great race on Sunday. It's something I really enjoy being a part of, but my legs are making me feel about 90 years old right now!

Adam Kenny said...

Thanks Q. I had a great day as well. T2T day is always one of my very best days of the year.

Good luck to your Bosox in the post-season. Ah, the post-season. As a Yankees fan I used to look forward to it. :)