Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Hope for Hazel"

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us
But those who win battles we know nothing about.
- Unknown

Whether it is irony or coincidence I know not.  I, personally, have long struggled in my attempt to distinguish that set of twin sons of different mothers from one another. I know simply that here in early October - a month dedicated to the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness, one of the best souls I know is in a real fight for her life. And as it is far too f*cking often, cancer is the adversary. 

The Lord and I have an understanding.  I spend no time in his neighborhood and he reciprocates in kind.  I am not the praying type.  Experience has taught me that they tend to not count for very much.  An absence of faith in some ephemeral, spiritual being does not prevent me from having hope.  And it shall never keep me from keeping hope alive, thinking good thoughts and sending all of the positive Mojo I have in the direction of one whose own Mojo reservoir is under attack. 

Regardless of whether prayer, Karma or Mojo is your thing, have whatever you can spare in the direction of the much-loved "Hazel".  She is the matriarch of as fine a family as I have ever known and every one of them is doing all they can to help her battle.  And she has a lot of pluck.  Not afraid to mix it up - even against a foe who fights dirty.  Make time today to send some "Hope for Hazel" in the general direction of Harris Avenue here 'NTSG.  It will not be wasted - I assure you.  And it will be appreciated more - far more in fact - than I can ever begin to tell you.



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