Friday, October 18, 2013

Hell Town

In case you live outside of the geographical confines of New Jersey and missed the results of Wednesday's Special Election I regret to inform you that I shall not be heading to Washington DC to fill the remainder of Frank Lautenberg's term and take my rightful place as New Jersey's junior Senator.  F*ck.  I really thought I had a chance.  Maybe I should set my sights a bit lower?  Mayor of Bogota perhaps.
Truth be told I did not have my heart set on becoming a member of Congress.  I have little interest in joining a club that counts that Canuck obstructionist among its number.  I am relieved that the chokehold that the asshats in DC had been exerting on my son and my oldest brother for close to three weeks has finally been released.  Do not mistake relief for forgiveness.  I am Irish.  One of the Post-It notes that forms the border of my computer sums up my position on this is quite nicely:  Irish Alzheimer's Disease:  Forget Everything....But The Grudges. 
If you have a moment today - or perhaps over the course of the next couple of days - then do yourself the great service of reading Dugan Arnett's story, which appeared in the October 12th edition of the Kansas City Star, entitled "Nightmare in Maryville:  Teens' Sexual Encounter Ignites Firestorm Against Family".  Be advised - it is neither a quick nor an easy read.  It may well make you angry.  It may well make you cry.  It may well make you want to punch Don Henley in the larynx the next time you hear him sing about "That same small town in each of us"....
....or at the very least hope like hell that Maryville Missouri is not the small town of which he sings.  

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