Sunday, October 27, 2013

For My Birthday Girl....

If Margaret Anne Bozzomo had not been born on this very day fifty-one years ago, then I reckon in order to have saved me from myself and my life I would have had to build her with my own two hands.  On that subject I say simply this.  My brother Kelly did not earn a reputation as a construction genius who can build anything by accident.  During my summertime college employment with him and the close to eighteen months I spent working for him full-time after I graduated from CU, I built nothing.  I carried a lot of stuff.  I cut a lot of steel.  I swept up a lot.  I went for coffee a lot.  I built nothing.  Suffice it to say I am very happy that Joe and Suzy B. handled the product development and, I suppose, distribution as well.

It is not an exaggeration - not even a slight one - that I refer to Margaret as the miracle of my life.  The life I lead, which I love, is entirely dependent upon her.  It would not exist without her.  The great Robert Frost once wrote eloquently of the divergence of two roads into the woods.  Prior to meeting and falling in love with Margaret, mine was the road to Perdition.  And lucky me - I had E-Z Pass.  I did not even have to slow down at the toll plazas.

I hope that my bride has a happy and joyous birthday today.  I always feel as if I bring less than what I should to bear on a day such as this.   I can never get even.  There is nothing I can give her as a gift that does not pale in comparison to that which she gives me. 

Every day....


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