Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Run For Life

This morning - at the unseasonably warm environs of Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey the Missus and I shall - in the company of ten other hardy souls (Jordan Forsythe, Kara Forsythe, Jeff Grubb, Kathy Grubb, Sue Kizis, Diego Navas, Walmis Navas, Connie Radlof, Jaime Scarillo and our Rookie of the Year Brooke Voorhees Menendez) shall carry the banner of Sue's Crew V at the 20th Edition of the Susan G. Komen South/Central Jersey Race for the Cure.  We shall be in good company. 

Thousands of people come to Great Adventure for this event every Autumn.  Among those in attendance are those who have lost a loved one to breast cancer, those who are watching a loved one battle against it presently, those who have watched a loved one defeat it and those who have themselves personally kicked its ass.   We have one such anchor person on the Crew again this year:  Kathy "I Kicked Breast Cancer in the Face" Grubb.  

While the vibe at Great Adventure today is decidedly different than that which permated the Tunnel To Towers Run/Walk in New York City last week, it is equally extraordinary.  As events in which I participate as a runner, these are my favorite two.  This morning, much like last week, will put me in the immediate vicinity of scores of people who are tougher than I could ever hope to be and braver than I shall ever be even on my bravest of days.  And for them, being tough and being brave really "ain't no big thing".  It is simply how they live.  

Today is more than an opportunity to do a bit of good and to enjoy the company of heroes.  It is an opportunity to learn as well.  Lessons in grace, lessons in courage and lessons in resoluteness of spirit abound....

....And the opportunity to learn awaits us all.  


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